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How to playEdit

1.Gather some cats. They can be yours, or your friends can come over and watch thier cats have some fun!

2. Lack the cats(there must be at least 3) in a side room.

3. hide treats all over the playing area.

Treat list

3 cats=12 treats+

4 cats=16 treats+

5 cats=20 treats+

6 cats+=27 treats+

4.Have someone realese the cats.

5. The cats must find as many treats as they can beforethe time limit is up.(the time can be as long as you want it to be)

6. the cats' owners must collect the treats as the cats find them.

7. the cat with the most treats...wins!

8.let all the cats eat the treats.

game resultsEdit

post game results here.

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